An interview with “Warrior Magnificent” (Jamie Vrinios)

Hello LIPTalk Nation, I just wanted to share some of the interview I did with Jamie Vrinios. This wonderful lady is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Best Selling Author of the book, “Warrior Magnificent”, and WOW! What a great Inspiration to women. You can pick up a copy at

If you haven’t been able to tune in to the interview, here’s a taste of what you’ve missed:

The first question I was able to ask Jamie was, Clearly, you have become a successful woman and a shining light for many. But before we share your tips for success, tell us about some of the obstacles you had to over come; specifically, Will you describe the day you realized your confidence was taken away?

And I am fascinated by her answer…..

Jamie: Wow! When you think about confidence, I don’t believe that anybody’s confidence can really be taken away. But I believe that it is possible to be around enough people that discourage you that you start to doubt your confidence. I don’t think that anyone person has the power to do that. I think we give them our power; we allow negative people in our lives and to speak things that aren’t who we really are. For me, and I’m sure for many of the listeners, there’s a time where you can be in a really low place and you just really have to evaluate who it is that you’ve been around and who you have allowed to be in your space. Maybe you need some conversations to stop or a few relationships need to end. We can be in a more empowering position and less discouragement. The words we speak, give life or death. You need to walk away from those who discourage you. It’s nothing personal and not that you don’t love people. If we can Walk in love and walk away from toxic relationships, we will really see our confidence increase. So I encourage the listeners to not listen to those who discourage your dreams

I want to point out again what is in bold letters, “If we can Walk in love and walk away from toxic relationships, we will really see our confidence increase.”


This may sound to simple to do or maybe even to hard to do, but I couldn’t agree with her more on this. I have had to walk away from many negative people in my life and because I did, I have seen my own confidence increase.


Jamie’s story really is inspiring on so many levels. Not only does she understand what it’s like to be a single mom but also knows what it’s like to be a single mom on public aid. AND she knows what it’s like to be BROKE. I’m telling you, you will want to conquer your dark past as well, when you hear how Jamie overcame these obstacles.

I then asked Jamie if she says affirmations on a daily basis. And guess what??? She does!!!! Because you all should know by now that I’m a huge fan of affirmations….

Here are some of Jamie’s affirmations and I think we all should start using them…

Jamie: Every day I wake up and I say, “I’m favored by God.” Before my feet hit the floor, I say, “I am favored by God. I’m a child of a King.” I say it every day. MY other affirmation is I’m attracting decisive powerful women. I am a people magnet. I’m a positive people magnet. I love people. I love to engage and empower people. I don’t want to be around negative people. I want to attract powerful and empowering woman. You know I bike ride as a sport, and so when I bike ride, I do say, “I’m getting younger and younger every day; full of vitality and I walk in divine health.” And of course I line myself up with what the word of God says about me, and that’s the most empowering thing that I do for myself.

Are you practicing any of these yet?? I am! I had to pause while I was typing this out and say one…. I’m getting younger and younger!! I absolutely love it!!

It is my hope, as you are reading this blog, that you will understand how much value you have as a person. You are WONDERFULLY made. You ARE worthy…. God has a huge plan for all of us if we are willing to be used by HIM.

If you want to read more about Jamie and her full story, go to or you will be able to order her book there.

Listen to Jamie’s episode here!

Let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing how you are living your LIFE IN PURPLE. What you say is what you become.

Be sure to visit the Life in Purple website to meet more people who are living Life in Purple!

What you say is what you become!



  1. How can I get rid of the tought that I am not capable of leading efficiently?
    I do lead by example and yet no followers.
    What should I do?

    Liked by 1 person

    • lauraspragg says:

      Hello my dear, what a great question….. The most important thing that I have learn about being a leader, is actually Believing that I am a leader. Some of the affirmations I had to say were, “I am a leader.” And “People will want what I have to offer” and “I am worthy.” In my research, I have found that it takes saying your affirmations 12 times out loud before your sub conscience HEARS you. I actually say mind more than that.
      The thought that you aren’t capable of leading efficiently is a lie you are telling yourself. You are created for a purpose. I challenge you to say these affirmations. And the Scripture says “that you can do all things through Christ… ” Phil 4:13
      Warning: you may start crying when you say these affirmations. But that only means you don’t believe in yourself. Hang in there…. Keep saying them… And start saying out loud what you are thankful for. 😉
      I believe in you! You sooo Got This!!!


  2. Be Brave | says:

    […] An interview with “Warrior Magnificent” (Jamie Vrinios) […]


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