Okay LIPTalk Nation, I hope you are recognizing that having feelings and being intelligent are all part of God’s design and I REALLY hope that you are also discovering your super power. Ha ha!! I put a little laugh in there, but I’m really not kidding…..

I title this blog “Don’t fear Failure” because it’s one of the very first things our guest, Kolleen Chesley, mentions in our interview together. She actually says, “The biggest thing is don’t fear failure’, when I asked her about her tips for success. And then she mentioned that we needed to get rid of “the head trash”. I guess I never thought of negative talk as head trash, but what a valid point. You take out the trash in your house so why not take out, or clear out the trash in your head.

There were many obstacles that Kolleen has conquered in her life…

“Ask yourself if it’s reality or what I’m just telling myself. I was the one limiting myself. “

“I think of my life as progression. There were lots of things that caused me to be shattered. I was adopted and ended up with two sets of parents and I struggled with belonging and who I really was.

I’ve experienced a lot of naysayers being in a male dominant industry….. and I’ve also gone through a divorce. “

I also asked Kolleen to describe the day or time you decided to conquer the negative voice within and to take control of your life… and what stands out to me the most is that SHE decided to become a leader, and that she KNEW she can be a leader. AND…. She decided as such a young age. My question to you LIPTalk Nation is “Have you decided to be a leader”?

We need to fight the “head trash” or negative talk in your head. Kolleen mentions that she did feel that she wasn’t good enough and that she didn’t deserve greatness or success. But, again, she decided to become a leader. WE ALL HAVE THE CHOICE TO SUCCEED.

I am personally challenged by Kolleen’s example of having a personal mission statement. And then saying it as many times as possible, even if it’s hundred’s of times a day….. I really do believe in the importance of affirmations. WHAT ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF??

Here is Kolleen’s personal mission statement:

“My purpose in life is to be confident and secure, appreciate my own worth; giving and receiving unconditional love, living importantly in my own space and giving back.”

BOOM!!! Lot’s of value in this statement. I hope many of you reading this will grab on to this, especially if you don’t know how to come up with one on your own.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Kolleen’s interview, I challenge you right now!!!! There are many other actions and tips that she gives that will help you start living a more positive life. I’m not you, but, if I WERE you, I would DECIDE today to get rid of the “head trash”. You can do it!! I believe in you.

One of my favorite things Kolleen said in our interview was a quote by Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Are you living this way???

Ok, I’m sure you have a ton of thoughts going on in your head right now, and I really want to hear about them. You can comment here on the blog or send me an email to laura@lauraspragg.com.

You can check out Kolleen Chesley on FB under Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast and Women’s Business Lunch or you can go to her website at http://www.powerfulwomengulfcoast.com

I think you already know what I’m going to say…. LOL!! Thank you for reading this blog post. YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Listen to the Interview here!

Let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing how you are living your LIFE IN PURPLE. What you say is what you become.

Be sure to visit the Life in Purple website to meet more people who are living Life in Purple!

What you say is what you become.

2 Timothy 1:7


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