YOU ARE NOT ALONE. An Interview with Amanda Rupley(Author of “Lights. Camera. Lupus.”)

I don’t even know where to begin for this blog. When I interviewed Amanda, my heart was overwhelmed with encouragement because she UNDERSTANDS what it’s like to live in pain. As I listened to her passion and knowledge of autoimmune diseases, I became aware of just how many people actually suffer with SILENT diseases. She mentions at one point, her pain level was so high, that even the morphine couldn’t take away the pain. In fact, her husband (a police officer) was asked to leave the room by the doctor so he could CONFRONT her about being a drug addict. I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE!!! This is when Amanda tells us she started doubting her own self worth and mentions how she was ready to get a divorce because she didn’t want to be a burden to her husband and kids. When someone in the profession of helping others actually tells you they don’t believe you, it’s no wonder Amanda felt this way. She shares how she hid her depression for a long time because she was scared she would lose her job. Thank God her husband fought for her love and was able to surround her the support system she needed.
I relate to Amanda’s story sooo well. You know the living in pain part, where you look normal, but on the inside your body is attacking itself. About two years ago, my body actually locked up on me. Literally. I went to pick up my 17 month old (at the time) out of the high chair and when I stretched my arms out, my back LOCKED. Immediately, pain set in and I had to call my husband home from work. (which, I might add was an hour away) I know many of you reading this understand so well. No matter which autoimmune disorder you have.

Thank God for people like Amanda, who is RAISINGawareness for us. If you listen to her interview, she mentions to go and get the ALCAT test. It’s a food allergen test that pin points exactly what causes your inflammation. “Just because it’s healthy food, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.” –Amanda

She found out that she can’t eat asparagus, romaine lettuce and eggplant. These specific foods were causing her to have flare ups. Amanda also mentions how important it is to “listen to your body and keep a food journal”.

One of the things that Amanda loves doing is exercising! She slowly built up her strength to five days a week. I what I love about the beginning of her fight to heal, was that she got on her daughters bike to build muscle in her legs. She WAS determined to WIN.

This is something I still struggle with. I do my own version of strength training, but ONLY on my terms. I don’t push myself like I should. I’ve got to say, I’m convicted to take more action. I believe it’s time for all of us to say, I WILL NOT LET PAIN CONTROL ME!! Amanda mentions to start slowly. But over time, you will get stronger. She is now a certified trainer with “Texas Fit Chicks”. Truly inspiring!! If Amanda can overcome her pain of 3 autoimmune diseases than I believe we ALL can.

In order to do this, I believe we need to stop having a pity party for ourselves. That’s exactly what Amanda did. On her journey she mentions that her Rheumatologist told her she needed her own outlet, which led to her writing her book, “Lights. Camera. Lupus.” (A Life of Entertainment Through the Purple lens.) There is so much more you need to know about her story and I hope you purchase her book. She wants those who are suffering to know that you are not alone.

Depression on top of living in pain can be overwhelming and lead you to a dark place. It often leads to brokenness. Please know that I want to help all of you Conquer the negative voice inside your head. I understand what it’s like to be mad at God and live in your pj’s all week long. Surround yourself with a positive support system and reach out for help. We all can overcome life’s obstacles. Like Amanda says, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. To listen to the full episode you can go to iTunes and type in Life in Purple (LIP Talk Nation)

To purchase Amanda’s book go here.

Listen to the Interview here!

Let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing how you are living your LIFE IN PURPLE. What you say is what you become.

Be sure to visit the Life in Purple website to meet more people who are living Life in Purple!



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