Never Give Up

In case you haven’t noticed yet, PURPLE IS EVERYWHERE! Even for our episode today, with Premature Awareness Day. They use Purple TOO!! See, Purple is Awesome!! I absolutely love it when people unite their voices for the same cause. Today, let’s all raise our voice and spread the news with Dannon Byrd: NOVEMBER 17th is National Premature Awareness Day!
I am honored to know Dannon personally. I met her a few months ago and her story intrigued me. I had just started the recording process for Life in Purple, but knew to keep her story on my radar. I’m so glad I did. You probably will cry listening to her story because it may just hit too close to home.
Dannon was a very successful career woman when her world got turned upside down. She had her college degree, boyfriend and a 9-5 job. Once Dannon found out that she was pregnant it seemed like their was bad news after bad news that led her to move back in with her mom; but she was determined to make the best of it. This right here tells me that Dannon has a fighter spirit. Things were slowly falling in place when suddenly, too many events were passing to keep up with even more bad news.
When I was interviewing Dannon, she told me that her body was trying to go into labor. The Doctors and nurses were doing everything they could and told her to pray that she can make at least to 23 weeks pregnant. But what shocks me, is that Dannon was told to go ahead and make funeral arrangements because her daughter wasn’t going to make it. Wait, What? 
I asked her what was going on in her mind when that happened. Well, you’re going to have to listen to the episode to hear the answer, but I can’t imagine those words ever being said to me. I think I would have gone in shock or even gone numb.
Dannon had her daughter way too soon, but wouldn’t you know it, she beat the odds. Like mother like daughter I guess: FIGHTER SPIRIT! Shaylee was born and not even 2 lbs. Most mom’s go in to have their baby and you get to hold your child immediately after. It was three long weeks before Dannon could hold her daughter for the first time.

(How many of you LIPTalk Nation are picturing this?) So sad right? By this point of the interview I was trying not to cry.
The reason why I want to do an interview like this, is… well, we need to talk about the things that make us cry; because, it’s the things that make us cry that make us stronger. What probably stands out to me the most, it’s a small detail, but Dannon told me that in one of her sonograms, it looked like Shaylee was flexing her muscle. (As if to say, “Mom, I’m a fighter too”.) Dannon said it was as if she really was telling me everything is going to be okay.
Dannon realized that more awareness needed to be made for mom’s with preemies when she visited the NICU where Shaylee was. In fact there were dozens of preemies in the same room. It was then, her career mind shifted to help others. Her message is “Never give up.” She did go through the “blame herself” days but once she realized it was out of her hands she changed her mind. It sounds so simple to do, but I think what is important to having a healthy mind set is stating the facts. I really was out of her hands.
I think we can get caught up in the lies we tell ourselves. In a situation like this, I can see why Dannon wanted to blame her body because it felt like it failed her. But, the fact is IT WAS OUT OF HER HANDS. If you have experienced a similar situation rest in the FACT that it wasn’t your fault. There is always hope. And as Dannon would say, “Live in your purpose.” We all have a purpose.
I’m thrilled to tell you all now that Shaylee is now 5 years old and reading at a second grade level. WHAT???? That’s right! She IS a fighter. Dannon’s final words of advice to us is to NEVER GIVE UP and LOOK TO GOD.


Never Give Up

Look to God.

Live in your purpose.

I am proud to know Dannon and support her cause, Living a Life in Purple.
To find out more on how to get involved you can go to or

Listen to the Interview here!

Let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing how you are living your LIFE IN PURPLE. What you say is what you become.

Be sure to visit the Life in Purple website to meet more people who are living Life in Purple!




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