Will Power

Hello LIPTalk Nation,  I know it’s been a few days, but wanted to catch you all up on our latest episode on WILL POWER.  I know some people think that will power is a bad thing, but it really isn’t.
Today, we are taking a closer look at will power.  Did you know that Will Power has a muscle memory?  Yes, yes it does.  And this is not my opinion. It’s actually a scientific fact.  So if you haven’t been exercising your Will Power, I believe that I can give you a few take-away’s  and action steps that will help you come up with your own exercise or at least practice some of the ones that I use daily to develop your will power.

First let us define Muscle memory:  simply using a type of movement or motion with which overtime your muscles remember, or become familiar. Muscle memory comes from the unconscious process. For most of us, we don’t have to think about walking while walking.  We are able look around, sing, laugh, cry and many other things while we walk. That’s why muscle memory comes from the unconscious process.

Now it takes time to build a new muscle memory.  How long? The average is twenty-one days.  Do you remember what it was like to learn how to ride a bike?  How many scraped knees and elbows did you get? How many of you forgot to peddle backwards to stop the bike, which led to an embarrassing crash in front of your best friend or the neighbor boy you had a crush on? I remember that I taught my neighbor how to ride a bike. She was doing so well coming down the small hill. I was cheering her on, until I saw that she wasn’t slowing down. I yelled, “Pedal backwards! Pedal backwards!” Apparently there was no muscle memory of that yet, and she was in a panic and couldn’t hear me.  She ran right in to the brick wall of the porch. I watched her in slow motion, going over the handle- bars and hitting that brick wall. I saw blood and tears. The whole time, I’m trying not to laugh.  I admire her for wiping her tears and covering up her wounds to get back on that bike.  She was not going to let that one incident defeat her.  Don’t worry, she knows how to ride a bike.  You’ve heard the saying,  “It’s like riding a bike, you never forget”.  I can’t say it enough, muscle memory comes from the unconscious process. Something you do that you don’t have to think about.

I can’t say it enough, muscle memory comes from the unconscious process. Something you do that you don’t have to think about.

Now you can definitely learn something the wrong way and you have the wrong muscle memory. For instance, there is a proper way to hold a golf club. Please don’t get upset with me on this one, but I find the proper way to hold a golf club is awkward.  So I don’t play golf.  I sing, don’t don’t judge…. But what I do know is that it is very difficult to learn the proper way after learning the wrong way. How many of you have learned the wrong way to do something and found it difficult to learn the right way?? Did you give up?  This is where I want to help you with the Will Power to do things correctly.

There is actually a muscle memory for negative thoughts and positive thoughts.

Despite our physical efforts to learn a new muscle memory, it is our attitude that plays a huge roll in succeeding.  There is actually a muscle memory for negative thoughts and positive thoughts. Now the simple questions are  “do you want to succeed” Do you want to conquer depression or anxiety?’ If you answered yes, like I did, than you are going to be excited about these simple exercises I have found to help me.
These exercises will specifically help you from switching negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  I need you all to know that I did not make any of these up,but found them in my research and wanted to share with you.




The first exercise is probably my favorite. It’s simple. It’s invigorating and It’s reliable.  The Victory Pose: Hold your arms up in the air for at least five seconds as if you just won a gold medal at  the Olympics. Are you doing it right now? Well, if you’re driving I hope you wait at least until you get to a stop light… It Feels good right? Yes, this pose is also a pose that even blind people do, not knowing that’s what others do when they win at something.  It is a natural motion for “I have conquered”  or  “I have won!” Now, I know that some of you will feel awkward at first…. but Do this daily. All day if you need too. You can say your affirmations while doing this which will increase your Will Power muscle memory.



Another proven exercise you can do to practice will power besides Holding your arms up in the air, is meditation. Research says, that you only need 10 minutes a day. That can include scripture reading, praying or sitting outside saying out loud what you are thankful for; you can also say your affirmations. Do you know that in 2-3 days people are already feeling more positive and stronger just with this exercise for will- power. This exercise influences are attitude to want to get things done and to want to improve on ourselves by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  LIPTalk Nation, do you feel smarter now? I know I did just learning that will power has a muscle memory and I can exercise it.



Moving forward… along with holding your arms up (the victory pose) and meditation, I have also discovered that something as simple as looking out a window will strengthen your will power.  This one in particular has given me a sense of hope…. because I have been doing it for years. I just didn’t’ know I was practicing will power. Some of you may already know that I’m a song writer, and when I need to reflect on what I am writing, I look out my window and up at the sky.  It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or the sun is shining…  I still look out the window. An interesting phenomenon, I know.  Again, this exercise teaches you how to focus and helps conquer negative thoughts.
There are many other exercises you can do for will power, we have our VICTORY POSE, meditating, and looking out a window…. but I want to share with you one more that helps me fall asleep.




Count backwards…  I choose to count backwards from 200.  I tell myself, “Count backwards from 200 and your goal is to get to 0. If you start thinking about something else, you have to start over. This is your only rule”.  I did this diligently for about six months to prevent myself from thinking about the day, (especially the negative thoughts of the day or not so good parts of the day and even what’s going to happen tomorrow).  I disciplined myself to count backwards. Now, my body knows that when I go to bed, I’m supposed to fall asleep. This helps with anxiety attacks as well….  I very rarely need to do this exercise to fall asleep anymore;  But I have found that when I need to calm down even in the middle of the day, I can count backwards from 200 and I immediately start to relax.  I actually only make it to 187 or so and I fall asleep.  Now you may choose to count backwards from 100. You can do it by seven’s, by two’s or what ever number your hearts desire.  But I’m asking you, that once you choose, stick with it.  You WILL get results.
I have just given you four exercises to help increase your will power.
1. The Victory Pose: Hold your arms up in the air as if you won a gold medal at the Olympics.
2. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.
3. Look out a window to create a sense of hope.
4. And, count backwards.

Have fun with these.  I would love to hear some of the ways you have strengthened your will power.  Let me know what you have come up with.   Exercising your will power will not only help you become more positive, but you will also become more successful, not just financially, but mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I hope I’ve simplified will power for you and that you’ve enjoyed your time listening. Don’ t let yourself tell you, You can’t!!!

Thank you once again for Listening to Life in purple.  Where the broken can heal and the successful can Conquer.  IF anything has resonated with you from today’s episode or our previous episodes, I want to hear from you. Send me a quick email to laura@lauraspragg.com  Don’t forget, if you have enjoyed today’s episode leave a fiver star review.   We certainly appreciate you and until next time…   What you say is what you become.

Listen to my episode here!

Let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing how you are living your LIFE IN PURPLE. What you say is what you become.

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