Be Brave

Hello LIPTalk Nation, we have much to catch up on. Did you all enjoy Christmas?? Are you ready for 2016? And an even better question…. Did you listen to Jamie Vrinios’ recent episode? IF you you haven’t yet, I HIGHLY recommend it!!! By the way, WE are so close to reaching 5000 Plays for our Podcast!!! Woooo Hooooo! Thank you, LIPTalk Nation for your AMAZING Support.

It was a no brainer to have Jamie Vrinios back on the show. (Click here to listen to her first show) She’s the best selling author of “Warrior Magnificent”, National Speaker and a Very Successful Entrepreneur, not to mention that she’s one of the TOP National Sales Director’s in Mary Kay. So, of course I wanted to have her back on the show so we can learn as much as we can from her. I have simplified my own take aways from Jamie’s episode and hope you are able to glean as much value from it as I have.




What I love most bout Jamie’s book “Warrior Magnificent” is that she talks about the POWER OF THE MIND. Which is exactly what I want you all to understand. The mind is so powerful. The tag line for Life In Purple is… “What you say is what you become.” What comes out of the mouth was formed in the mind first. How are you treating yourself? Do you love yourself? Early on in Jamie’s career she mention she had a mentor that said, “You are going to be with YOU forever; so you might as well fall in love with yourself.”

“You are going to be with YOU forever; so you might as well fall in love with yourself.”

I love how Jamie points out to that when you fall in love with yourself is all about GOD confidence and not PEOPLE confidence. There is a huge difference. LIPTalk Nation, when you fall in love with God, you have the gift to fall in love with yourself. We have to learn how to use it. So my first take away, is we can have GOD CONFIDENCE.




So Jamie didn’t say this in so many words, “DEFINE YOUR WHY”, but that’s one of my take-aways when she said, “… I looked at my children and thought they are worth fighting for…” IF you listen to the episode, Jamie mentions that at her lowest point in her life she was suicidal. How many of you have thought about taking your own life? Or even want to run away? Jamie said if it wasn’t for God and looking at her children she could have easily given up. Her children, were worth fighting for. She was able to change the negative mind set and move forward. And then she reminded herself of her WHY every day.




Now when Jamie mentioned that fear is created in the second thought, my mind was blown away. IT REALLY IS!! It’s not the initial thought when you get a good idea but it’s the second thought when we talk ourselves out of it. “What if I’m not good enough?” or “What will people think?” Jamie explains that the second thought is influenced by the people we are around. So, Who are you around? Do you need to be around different people? Do you have that one person speaking value in to your life? She also mentions that it only takes ONE person to speak value into your life. I strongly agree with this, and most of you probably do too.

“…the second thought is influenced by the people we are around.”

How many of you feel like you can conquer anything when some one tells you they believe in you? According to Jamie, there are two things that people fear the most…. FEAR of success and FEAR of change. I know I have experienced both of these fears in HUGE amounts. But, it has been within the last couple of years that I have been able to conquer those. It’s time to “Get a grip on your emotions.”




And how do you get a grip on your emotions? Well, AFFIRMATIONS!!! They are easy to do and easy not to do. I’ve asked Jamie about her affirmations on our last episode, but I HAD TO ASK AGAIN!!! One of my favorites that she says to herself every day…. “I am favored by God.” BOOM!!! YES!!!

“God doesn’t want to torment us.”

Now it does take discipline and diligence to do affirmations; and then line them up with scripture. Like I said, easy to do easy not to do. I love that Jamie said, “God doesn’t want to torment us.” She also shares that if we say our affirmations out loud, your inner ear hits every organ. WOW!!! We’ve got to stop lying to ourselves about our self worth. WE are favored by God. Claim it and believe it! (OUT LOUD)




One of my favorite quotes from Jamie’s book is “A leader with faith and vision goes together like fire and heat. You can’t separate them without destroying their very essence.” I asked Jamie to elaborate on this and she said….. “ A leader who has a vision, has PASSION and it to develop the fire requires action and it is FAITH that drives you. I’m in awe with the value Jamie shared with us. It’s all about putting action behind what you believe in and then she say, DON’T QUIT.




Jamie’s final advice for us and anyone struggling was to have a funeral with your past, hit the reset button, write down your affirmations and find people that celebrate you. She challenges ALL of us to BE BRAVE and not dwell on the things we cannot change, but dwell on the things that we can. We have to know our worth to know others worth. If we struggle with people’s opinions we will be crushed. Be Brave, find your “Warrior Magnificent” inside of you.

  1. God Confidence
  2. Define your why
  3. Go to the second thought
  4. Affirmations
  5. Passion
  6. Be Brave

Thank you for reading this blog. IF you have gleaned any value from this post or any of our other post’s and episode’s I would LOVE to hear from you. Life in Purple is a place where the broken can heal and the successful can conquer. Until next time, remember, What you say is what you become.

Listen to Jamie’s episode here!

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