Hello LIPtalk nation!! Welcome to Life in Purple!  I’m your host, Laura Spragg and thank you for reading this blog. As we learn together how to face our issues, it is my hope that you will understand the Danger in not believing in yourself and how to overcome it; or, simply put, How to increase your self worth.  It is always my hope to share with you simple actions steps for you to take to conquer negative thoughts and turn them into positive.

Before we get into the blog, (which matches the Episode “Self Worth”) I want to SAY THANK YOU LIPTalk Nation for your support and feed back so far.  Many stories have come in letting us know what a difference Life in Purple is making in their lives.  The more voices that join together the louder our community becomes to make a difference.  If you are visiting for the first time, check out and there you will find more resources such as my personal coaching, links to our episodes and much, much more.

Today, our topic is HOW TO INCREASE YOUR SELF WORTH!!!  Many of you out there, are suffering from depression and anxiety.  No matter the reason for it, I understand your suffering.  I want all of you to know that I have been there.  I have suffered! I know those dark days all too well. Those days, where you don’t want to talk or even get out of bed.  I know the physical pain of not being able to pick up my 17 month old son out of the high chair, because my body locked up to where I couldn’t move. I had also been living in my pj’s 5 days a week. I get it.  My thoughts about my self worth were actually causing me to self -destruct.  I would like to point out specifically that it was negative talk that was destroying me and not substance abuse.  Too bad there isn’t a rehab for those who tell themselves I can’t, or I am not worthy; But, there are all kinds of rehabs for other addictions. Yes, I’m calling a negative mindset an addiction. Okay, maybe Life in Purple can be like a rehab.

So a little over a year and a half ago, I decided to listen to that small voice inside that said I have suffered long enough.  I cried, God I have had enough! I need Help. It was time for me to take action and start believing in myself.  You see I spent the first 35 years of my life not believing in myself and I want to spend the rest of my life teaching others how I learned to over come this danger and how any one of you can too.  LIPTalk Nation, IF you had your body lock up on you, would that get your attention?

I cried, God I have had enough! I need Help.

I am living out loud a life in purple; practicing a method that I have put to use and believe it is sustainable for the rest of your life.  I would like to share the first four steps to this method; but, before I share them, I need each and everyone reading (I’ve said this before) to know that you are highly intelligent.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

1. Place a Circle of Gratefulness or Thankfulness around your heart.

The very first step, to increasing your self worth, is Place a circle of Gratefulness or Thankfulness around your heart. What I mean by this, is close your eyes and place what you are thankful for around your heart.  I placed, God, my husband, my children, my mom and dad, sunlight, chocolate, yoga pants ….. I think you get the point.  This therapy has been around for years, so I didn’t come up with it, but it is the very first step to this method.  If you are asking , “why the circle of thankfulness around my heart?” I will tell you that those who are depressed and suffer anxiety often have days where it’s difficult to get out of bed or even talk to someone. This exercise doesn’t require speaking and you can practice it anywhere and anytime you want. No one will know you are doing this, unless you tell someone. This will take practice, but overtime it will become second nature. I use this when negative people are speaking to me.  They don’t know that I’m secretly guarding my heart with happy things!!

2. Recognize the importance of affirmations.

The second step to this method really goes hand in hand with the first, but I call it the second step because some are just not ready to talk.  Once you have a habit of  placing the circle of thankfulness around your heart, you then need to recognize the importance of affirmations. This can be a scripture verse, phrase, short sentence or a single word that you tell yourself over and over again. Specifically, you need to say them twelve times in a row. I have found in my research that it takes twelve times out loud for the sub conscious to hear you.  One of my first affirmations was saying, “I am beautiful’’.  I remember when I decided to say it. I was in the shower and decided to say this sentence where no one could hear me. I began to cry on number four and was weeping by number twelve.  I knew when I started crying, that I didn’t believe it.  Many of you may decide to start with this affirmation, but ask yourself what you struggle with about yourself and go for it.  It may be you need to say, “I am strong’’ or “I am worthy” (over and over again) AS many times as it takes for you to start believing that you are strong and that you are worthy. You will soon discover what your affirmation or affirmations will be.  Are you feeling stronger yet? You should be.


3. Invest in THREE people a day

Okay, now that we know to practice the circle of thankfulness, and now know to recognize the importance of affirmations, you are ready for step three. Step three is to challenge yourself to invest in three people a day. This may be a huge step for you because it is a bigger action than the other two.  You can send someone a thank you note, call someone and let them know what they mean to you or compliment a stranger in (Target) or while you are out shopping. Why this step? Because when we compliment someone, it produces oxytocin, which is the feel good hormone. You are going to start feeling better the more you invest in others.  At first, I couldn’t get enough of reaching out to people and letting them know how much they mean to me. If you are introverted, you may stick to social media at first or text someone, or even write a hand written letter.  My point is that you are conquering a negative action with a positive.

You are going to start feeling better the more you invest in others.

This is necessary. Even if you don’t feel like it, do it anyway.  You won’t regret it.
This method is simple. It doesn’t require much. It will help you overcome not believing in yourself.  It will help you increase your self worth. It will take time, but it will work.
Now that I have you on the edge of your seat, waiting for step four, I have to tell you that any of these steps can be done first, second, third and so on. These are more like guidelines. Steps that I took to help conquer depression and increase my self worth.


4. Write down what you are thankful for and say them out loud

So here it is, after you practice placing a circle of thankfulness around your heart,; recognize the importance of affirmations; invest in three people a day you need to start writing down what you are thankful for and read them out loud. Yes, very important to say them out loud. Your subconscious needs to hear it! You can say them while praying, driving, on a walk or with your family.  My kids often get in bed with me in the mornings and ask if we can do our “ thankful’s”. This makes my heart sing.  If we can teach our kids how to do this while young, than imagine the society they will live in when they are adults. I have found the best time to say out loud what I am thankful for is when I’m frustrated with my children, or I start to doubt myself.
And there you have it. These are the first four steps of my method How to Increase your Self Worth…. Let’s recap

Step one: Place a circle of gratefulness or thankfulness around your heart
Step two: Recognize the importance of affirmations
Step three: Invest in three people a day
Step four: Create and say out loud your thankful list.

Again, you can do these steps in any order and still get great results.  It is up to you to practice daily disciplines of replacing the negative talk and actions with positive. If anything, ask yourself what do you have to lose by at least trying this method for a whole week. Or even better, for twenty one days. That is how long it takes to create a new habit.  Remember, negative self talk is an addiction.  The  more you practice these steps, the bad days will get fewer and farther between.

This Means if you are healing and moving in the right direction you will learn how to love your self and increase your self worth.  Be brave.  I know you can live a successful life.

Listen to the episode here!

Thank you for reading this blog on Life In Purple.  Where the broken can heal and the successful can conquer.  If you’re thinking that this blog was just for you, or you have a story to share that connects with other blogs or episodes,  I would LOVE to hear from you.  Send me a quick email to or check out our website at Let’s all rise together and create a community that stops the negative talk.  We ARE wonderfully made.  What you say is what you become.

Laura Spragg is a speaker and the host of the growing podcast and blog: Life in Purple – A place that fosters the journey of new perspectives, renewed energy, and a passion to be the best version of ourselves. Visit our Website or Facebook page to learn more… who doesn’t want a little extra positive in their life?



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