Fearless or Fearful?

Have you ever wished that you could be a kid again? Do you remember ever being fearless??  What was it, that caused you to start doubting yourself in the first place? These are questions that have been going through my mind since Thursday’s episode with Susan Sherbert.  She believes that we all should get back to child like thinking… the “I can do anything…” thinking.  Susan is the best selling author of “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses.”  She believes that when you bring back your imagination, creativity and fearless way of thinking then your stubborn resistance and fears melt away making room for dreams, passion, and success.

The ideal age of “thinking like a child” is four years old.  It just so happens that I have a four year old living in my house, so I totally get what Susan means when she says “think like a child.” As I observe the behavior of my four year old, I see the “fearless mindset” she talks about.  My son, has huge dreams and passion and he certainly thinks he is successful; and really, nothing seems to stop him from getting what he wants, even if he is told no.  I may be frustrated with him, but the question might be how do I harbor this gift to hone in on how fearless he is with his dreams and passion?


As I was interviewing Susan, I asked her what she thought were the most common fears that hold us back from success?  Her reply was that there were mainly three fears that hold us back.

Fear of Failure
Fear of What other people think about us
Fear of Change

“It’s really about the resistance that people have to all three that cause the fear,” She stated.  Now, I’m asking myself, “What is it that I fear?” I definitely can relate to all three mentioned.  I think the biggest fear that I face, is FEAR OF CHANGE.  Even if it is the good kind of change.  I think she’s definitely right about the resistance.  If we can ask ourselves why we fear something and can get to the root of the matter, than we can conquer that fear.  By the way, Did you all know that fear is a learned behavior?



During our interview, the words, “BE AWARE” kept resonating with me.  Susan really was able to simplify her message for us with this phrase.  Once we are aware of our surroundings, feelings and emotions we are able to ask ourselves why we resist things. I want to point out right here, LIPTalk Nation that Susan is spot on!!!  She then shares with us that we need to have courage to take the necessary steps towards conquering our fears.  The hardest step to take is the first step.  I love Susan’s question, “If life hands you opportunities, do you accept them like a child with unlimited potential?”  Well, when she phrases the question that way, of course we want to face it like that, right?  She also mentions that life is about possibilities; we need to “BE AWARE”.



This step is really self explanatory.   Look for the good.  It’s about perspective, not our circumstances.   According to Susan, she is able to go to bed thinking about what her day is going to be like the next day, instead of all the things that has happened during the day.  Let me ask you this, LIPTalk Nation, what is your perspective??  Again, Susan points out that it takes courage to look for the good.  And courage comes from taking action steps.  They don’t have to be big steps.  I am cheering you on with Susan to start the first step, which is deciding to have the fearless mindset “child like thinking”.  BE AWARE and LOOK FOR THE GOOD.

The reason why Susan chose a white hat for the front cover of her book is that Power comes from the White hat which equals courage; and the rose colored glasses is all about the perspective.  “We have clarity in action; we see the things we need to see.”

Susan really wants us all to connect with our child like thinking because it is the fearless mindset that will help us find our dreams and passion which leads to success.  Besides, life is happier when you are fearless. Ask yourself what you are resisting in your life to be the best version of yourself.  Be Aware of your surroundings, feelings and emotions and then look for the good.
If you can connect with your child like thinking, Susan says that you can improve your vision. Meaning your outlook on life.  Wouldn’t you like to be fearless instead of fearful??

I would love to know your thoughts on Susan Sherbert’s episode….

Listen to the episode here!

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