NEVER STOP DREAMING with Lisa Caprelli

Growing up in a lower income family, actually has some benefits.  I believe one of the benefits that you have is hearing the answer “NO”.   You read that right, hearing “No”, can allow the brain to process why and figure out how to fight for what you want.  Now, I will say that that there are exceptions to this.  I’m no saying that you should manipulate anyone or anything in to getting what you want, but what I am saying is learning who to FIGHT for what you want.




Lisa Caprelli was on our show this past week and I absolutely love her.  She’s smart, beautiful, successful and her smile is infectious.  We actually have a few things in common too.  One of those being, we both are the middle out of five kids.  I always say, “MIDDLE KIDS UNITE”!!   Seriously, though, Lisa was told “NO” many times growing up; and most of the time was because her parents didn’t have any money.  Hearing “NO” caused Lisa to be a fighter.  How many of you can relate??


As a young adult, Lisa headed to California to make a way for herself and start a new life.  With only $100 in her pocket, Lisa chose to Fight for success.  She quickly got a job, and saved every penny she made in her first year in California.  She even hung out with CEO’s just so she could see how they operated and handled business.  Lisa loves learning and asked all the right questions, including  “What more can I do?”.  This question is worth it’s weight in gold in any environment.  But Lisa took it to a whole new level.  She processed information fast and applied everything she was learning.




When I asked Lisa about what she did to overcome her difficult situations… (which by the way, you should check out her episode to find out what they were) She answered with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, “Don’t let people say no, when they don’t have the power to say yes.”  Wow!!!  This hit home with me.  I used to let people tell me no all the time.  Lisa said this quote really resonated with her to pick her feet back up and go out and FIGHT for what she wanted.  She challenged me by saying, “Most people who don’t succeed, haven’t had enough struggles.” What do you all think LIPTalk Nation??  I think she is spot on.  I have met so many people who have been spoon fed growing up and then have no clue what it is like to work.

“Most people who don’t succeed, haven’t had enough struggles.”

I guess you can say Lisa has had a lot of struggles in her life; because, she is one SUCCESSFUL woman.  She is the #1 Best Selling Author of “Color Your Message”.  Lisa has a passion to help businesses grow.  With her unique gift of understanding, she knows all the right questions to ask CEO’s to help them gain momentum and truly COLOR THEIR MESSAGE.




Lisa encourages us  that “Anyone has the ability to make it big”…. if  we know how to market ourselves.  That’s exactly what she does.  She likes to do it by first establishing your purpose.  Often times, CEO’s may not have a clear purpose and Lisa is able to help them define it and move forward.  It could be the reason you aren’t as successful as you would like to be; you haven’t defined your purpose.

It’s not about making all the money you can, but it’s about helping as many people as you can.  My mentors tell me if I do this, than the money will follow.  Lisa’s purpose was to help as many people as she could.  The first year in California, she saved $15,000 and invested it in her first business that became a Million dollar business the following year.  WHY??  Because she had a purpose.  She knew how to fight for what she wanted.  Lisa say’s that it is important to know your purpose, because that is what is going to get you out of bed every morning.

LIPTalk Nation, are you struggling with where you are in your career or even personal life?  Maybe you aren’t asking the right questions.  Maybe you should be asking “What more can I do?”  Seriously, if you follow the advice of Lisa, “Don’t take no for an answer…” than you will be able to FIGHT FOR  YOUR SUCCESS.  I challenge all of you to DEFINE your purpose, or your why.  When you do, the excitement is there to want to succeed.

“Never stop dreaming.”

Lisa’s final words for us, “Never stop dreaming.” Find your support system and don’t go at it alone.  It was an honor to have Lisa on the show.  Make sure you check out her episode.

Thank you for reading this blog on Life In Purple.  Where the broken can heal and the successful can conquer.  If you’re thinking that this blog was just for you, or you have a story to share that connects with other blogs or episodes,  I would LOVE to hear from you.  Send me a quick email to or check out our website at Let’s all rise together and create a community that stops the negative talk.  We ARE wonderfully made.  What you say is what you become.

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