How to Fall Into Your Calling

Have you ever had a week where it seemed like it was a month long?  That’s exactly how I feel about this past week.  I’ve been an emotional roller coaster, having flash backs from my past and visions of my future…. Can you relate?  One moment I’m weeping because I’m sad and then the next moment I’m weeping because I’m happy.  I consider this past week to be a soul cleansing week.  As I reflect in this moment, I remember the day I chose to “fall into my calling.” This past week, I had the exciting pleasure of interviewing one of the brand leaders of web design, Alyssa Gavinski. By the way, her words of wisdom, were exactly what I needed…  She’s a beautiful soul and I’m pretty sure I need to have her back on the show.  Here are my take-aways from her point of view on how you can fall into your own calling.

But first,



There are several things that Alyssa encourages us to do, as individuals, to be our own unique person; but there are three that really stand out and I just had to share with you all.

1.  RECOGNIZE: If you are feeling stuck, you’re allowed to change

The question I ask you right now is, “Do you feel stuck?”  We’ve had several guests on the show asking this question and pointing out that if you feel stuck, it’s up to you to do something about it.  Maybe it’s time that you allowed yourself to change.  Alyssa points out, in our time together, and even in her video’s and website, that you need to have the right mindset.

“You don’t have to be stuck,” she explains. “No one gets to be you…” So what is it that you’ve always wanted to do?  Can the first step to falling into your calling really be that simple: to realize you’re allowed to change?  The answer is YES!!! If you have been struggling with your job, or if you feel like everyday is mundane, than Recognize that you feel stuck, and know that you’re allowed to change.

2.  RELEASE: Give yourself permission to be you.

Are you constantly looking for the approval of others? Sigh… This was me for way to long.  I spent years trying to be what others thought I should be; and when I say years, I mean long enough that I really didn’t know who I was,  or what I liked.  As I got to know Alyssa and hear her heart, she also struggled with the same thing.  When she realized that she truly loved art and design, her calling was clear.


Alyssa spent years in the corporate world and being a mom, by the way she loves being a mom, but it wasn’t until she gave herself permission to be Alyssa, that she began to fall into her calling.  Which is design.  If you haven’t checked her episode out, I highly encourage you to do so;  you will hear exactly what I mean.  (I love the part where she cut her hair off too.) It can be very scary to step out into the unknown, but like Alyssa states, “Give yourself permission to be you.”

3.  RECRUIT: Surround yourself with like minded people.

Did you know that you are the average of the five people you hang out with? That includes your belief system and financial status as well….-Jim Rohn.  YIKES!!! Right???  Who are your five people?  Towards the end of the interview with Alyssa, I asked her how important it was to surround yourself with like minded people and her response is brilliant. “Like minded people give you connection, and it’s essential for your own sanity.” BOOM!!

Connection is what everyone craves, it’s the thing that makes people feel loved, appreciated and well, even more confident.  As you are recognizing that you don’t have to be stuck, and you’re giving yourself permission to be you, you really need to recruit your like minded people.  Besides, if you speak up and actually tell people what you want to do, you just might have more cheerleaders than you thought.

So whether you want to be a speaker, entrepreneur, writer, teacher, designer or philanthropist, I believe these are the first three things that you should do, especially if you haven’t followed your dreams.  It’s time to be you.

To find our more about Alyssa, visit and check her out her new podcast at You will see her incredible work and team with a mission to help people to fall in love with their own brand.  She’s positive, beautiful, and courageous who is living a Life In Purple.

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  1. Nicole Ropp says:

    Just wanted to say, Thanks for letting God lead you into this career path! Your podcasts have helped me so much! Sure do love you and your sweet family!


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